Columbus House provides an early childhood learning environment to meet the needs of infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. We recognize that the years of 0-6 are a period of rapid growth and development and are critical for a child's physical, social/emotional and cognitive development. Our qualified ECE staff works closely with The County of Renfrew Child Care and Integration department and has adopted Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT), a framework for Ontario Early Childhood settings.  Early identification and age appropriate play based programming are the focus of care.

We operate two full-time sites in Pembroke and Renfrew.  Our priority for infant care is for the children of parents participating in YPSP.  Community parents are encouraged to apply for toddler, pre-school, and infant space available. 

Lunches and snacks are provided at both sites.  Healthy nutrition is a priority, with our Renfrew cook in demand for her incredible recipes.  Check out Jessica's blog!

Before and After School Childcare is available at our Renfrew Site at Central Public School.  Full time childcare will operate during the summer months and school holidays.  Please contact Lee or Nancy at the Renfrew site for more information.

Childcare Subsidy Application


Pembroke site:  73 Renfrew St., Pembroke, ON,  K8A 5R7

(613) 732-1767

Supervisor: Kelly McKeddie 

Renfrew site:  Central Public School, 140 Munroe Ave., Renfrew, ON, K7V 3K4  (613) 432-4241

Supervisor: Nancy Briscoe

Before & After School Program: Nancy Briscoe